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Flowering tea is a tea made by brewing flowers or leaves of plants or its fruits. It is a type of reprocessed tea unique to China. It uses the characteristics of tea that is good at absorbing odors. It suffocates scented flowers and tea together. The tea absorbs the scent and then sifting dried flowers. The resulting tea has a rich aroma and a dark color. Flowering tea can be subdivided into herbal tea and flower tea, drink leaves or flowers called herbal tea, such as lotus leaf, stevia leaves; drink Its fruit called flower or fruit tea, such as fig, lemon, hawthorn, mangosteen. Its smell is fragrant and it has a healthy effect. Flowering tea mainly uses green tea, black tea or oolong tea as the tea base and freshly scented flowers as the raw material, it is made through tanning process. According to the different types of flowers used, they are divided into jasmine tea, magnolia tea, sweet-scented osmanthus tea, and Zhulan tea, among which the production of jasmine tea is the largest.
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